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„Every nation has become a scholar in its own language, but never in a foreign one” - György Bessenyei

Publications in Geomatics is a periodical journal since 1998 issuing generally one number a year. The purpose of the journal is to provide the home researchers and experts a forum to publish, mainly in Hungarian language, their new scientific results in the field of geosciences (geodesy, photogrammetry, geoinformatics, physical geodesy, geophysics, Earth magnetism, geodynamics, research of the inner structure of the Earth and the physics of its troposphere and solar-terrestrial environment) obtained from the analysis of spatial-temporal data using the methods of geomatics.

What is the new scientific result?

The submitted papers are subject to an editorial procedure which is in compliance with the present-day standards defined by Comittee on Publishing Ethics (COPE), namely two independent referees form opinion about the manuscript. By default the names of the referees are known only to the editorial board, but their identity can be disclosed according to their wish. On the basis of reviews the editorial board decides whether it meets the requirements of the form and content of the Publications in Geomatics and whether the eventual errors and shortcomings can be corrected and complemented by revision. The expert work of the editorial board is supported by an advisory board.

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Useful information for authors, reviewers

Editors, accomplishing the Journal's editing as a voluntary work, place emphases on rapid and high quality work. Therefore both the authors and the referees are expected to make efforts which are appreciated by the Editorial Board in advance. The responsible publisher is the acting director of the Institute (EPSS). Publishing costs are covered from grant money, the sponsorship of scientific organizations (e.g. Soproni Tudós Társaság) and from subsidy of the Seminar Series on Geomatics organized by EPSS in every two years.

In order to help the common work of the editors, the referees and the authors, it is suggested to peruse the instructions for authors and reviewers, what can be found at the links below.

Guide for authors

Guide for reviewers

Copyright Issues

Based on the definitions of copyright related legal actions formulated by Creativ Commons he Publications in Geomatics does not reserve either the copyright or the right for dissemination. It provides a technical platform exclusively for sharing new scientific results pre-evaluated and discussed by experts according to the present international publication standards in the widest professional community in a most flexible way. One form of it is the journal printed in 150 copies whereas the other is the electronic version freely available on the internet across the web pages of the journal. Two consecutive volumes of the printed versions are disseminated free of charge among those persons who were registered participants of the latest Seminar on Geomatics organized biannually. Upon request a full printed volume can be purchased. Its price is 10 EUR + delivery cost. Note that THE ELECTRONIC VERSION IS NOT COMPLETE since it contains only the title and abstract both in Hungarian and English languages, together with the References and the contact information of the corresponding Author. It is an easy way to provide a link between the Authors and the interested readers as well as it ensures the digital visibility of the papers and their References. The Author(s) is (are) free to disseminate their papers in the form printed without asking any kind of permission from the Publications on Geomatics.

In accordance with the statements above all the rights and obligations related to the published papers are reserved by the Author(s) exclusively. At the end of the editorial process (i.e. right before the preparations for printing and archiving) the corresponding Author must declare that she/he gives her/his permission to publish her/his manuscript in that form and with that content which was obtained by the common efforts and work of the Author(s), the Referees and the Editorial Board.

Creative Commons License

The license is available at the following link: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License


This step is required if the author/reviewer has not used the editorial system so far. A username, a password and some additional data ensuring easy accessibility must be defined during the registration. The successful registration is simultaneously confirmed by the system via a prompt message on your display and an automatic email which is sent to the pre-defined email address. This email includes an activation code and some instructions for taking further actions. Subsequently, the activated user is allowed to enter the editorial system by using his/her username and password.


The active users are enabled to login this way. Before entering the system, the role (author/reviewer) of the user has to be specified. This step defines what kind of rights the user has for taking further actions in the system.